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To motivate customers to prefer GTCL Products over Competition Through. Distinctive Product, Offering Superior after Sales Service. Effective dealer/supplier base in India and abroad. Continuous development of GTCL employees & global network. Satisfaction of our dealers/customers/employees/the community.
After consolidating the domestic markets, out business compaign is now aimed at the international market, which we believe we can tackle with the necessary skills using the experience acquired during all these years in the domestic market.
Operating Principles
  1. We behave in order to motivate the customer to choose GTCL instruments.
  2. We concentrate in understanding the customers concern and needs. GTCL's Product is not simply a physical object, but includes also the value it brings to the customer, the price, the pre and post sales service and the image the customer has of GTCL.
  3. Each one of us contributes in making of our products.
Human Recourses & Environment
  1. We treat every person in our organisation with the same respect we would like him to treat as our customer. We respect thge environment and always try to preserver or improve its state.
  2. We strive to systamatically improve our personal and professional capabilities.
We communicate effectively and promptly.
We listen to understand; we take time the time and put in the full effort to effectively listen and in order to recieve the message as intended by the sender. We focus our communication on operating aspects, i.e.; on the objective the plan the continuous checking and alignment which generate Results.
  • House Keeping
  • Productivity
  • Operating Results